Bella Monte Italian Cuisine

Our family has a rich heritage in Latino and Italian culture. Our paternal great grandparents immigrated to Milwaukee, WI in the 1920's from Sicily. (First generation USA Beaumont Family pictured) Our 40 years of combined culinary experience offers you the best taste of multicultural Cuisine. Please inform us if there is any food allergy or sensitivity. We are happy to accommodate without any additional charge. 

Italian Appetizers & Main Courses

Lemon Oregano Chicken

Although we specialize in Freshly Made, Authentic Mexican Tamales, we enjoy personalizing menu items to meet each customers' expectations. Pictured is our Mediterranean Chicken, oven roasted with Lemon and Oregano.

Cheese Ravioli &

Primavera Sauce

We'd love to make your event special with Delicious Dishes. Ricotta stuffed Ravioli coupled with roasted cherry tomatoes, red and green bell peppers in a light butter sauce and a medley of Italian Herbs.

Best Sellers:     Meatball Marinara     

Stuffed Green Peppers                         Italian Pasta Salad

Meatball Marinara

Always fresh, never frozen ground beef seasoned with secret family recipe and stewed in tomato marinara sauce

Pasta Salad

Tender Rotini pasta, mild pepperoni & genoa salami, black olives in an Italian dressing from scratch

Stuffed Green Peppers

Fresh green peppers stuffed with freshly seasoned ground beef, white rice and a roasted pepper tomato sauce

 First generation USA Beaumont Family pictured above and here, all grown up. 

We cherish the family memories, learning the secret recipes that are treasured by many.

Mobile Food Cart & Catering  

Milwaukee, Waukesha & Surrounding Counties, WI