Each dessert that we create is made from scratch using only the freshest and all natural ingredients available to us.

*Ask For Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free & Vegan Options*

We work in a common kitchen. We take special care to make sure that we do not cross connect gluten/nuts with 

non-gluten/nut-free foods, by using separate equipment and utensils, during separate cooking times.

Little Sweets of Mexico


Plain Cinnamon Sugar, 

Strawberry, Caramel, Vanilla

Churros are popular Mexican pastries. Ours are fried fresh daily and served with a sugar and cinnamon coating that compliments a crisp outside and a doughy center with optional sweet fillings. These may be served with an optional syrup drizzle.

Concha / Sea Shell

Sweet Roll topped with Mexican Sugar Strussel

Pictured: Strawberry Tamale, Caramalized Plantains, Fruit Empanadas, Tres Leches Cupcake, Fruit Platter, Candied Pumpkin, Tres Leches Cake & Candied Pineapple for Pineapple Tamales

What our customers are saying

I love the pineapple tamales, so I have to try the strawberry ones, yummy!

Mike O., February 6, 2016